Founder and President of Energy Generation

‘Being Congolese and French, I was educated between two cultures, ,making me an open-minded person, eager for intercultural exchanges. I have always been sensitive and committed to the fight against inequalities in all their forms; of all, lack of development, because it denies human dignity, appeared to as the most fragrant and most complex to fix, that’s why I committed myself to tackle this challenge and be part of the solution.’

‘For about ten years now, I have been really passionate about the energy sector development in Africa because very early on, I identified energy as a strong vector of socio-economic development, and therefore a very powerful tool for reducing inequalities. This is a challenge that I want to meet both at the micro level and at the macro level, because in my opinion the solution lies at the encounter of the two.’

‘At the macro level, since 2013 I have been working on the development of photovoltaic solar power projects in Public Private Partnership (PPP) I’m currently developing projects between 30MW and 120MW in Mali, Togo and Chad. In 2015 I founded a consulting company named Isis development (Implementing Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions for Development), in reference to the African goddess but also the fact that the most emblematic infrastructure of humanity, the Pyramids are in Africa.’

‘Today, my clients are mainly international investors wishing to develop PPP projects in Africa in the energy sector. Ultimately, my goal is to work for African governments wishing to strengthen their internal expertise in this area.’

‘At micro level, I founded in 2016, Energy Generation, a pan-African organization that aims to encourage young Africans to meet the most pressing challenges of their generation (energy, agriculture, health, etc.) through entrepreneurship and technology. Our motive is to support and promote technological and entrepreneural innovations “made in Africa”.’