Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl is the Editor of ESI Africa – Africa’s leading publication in the energy and power sector, delivering technical and general industry related information. she has been working in the power sector in Africa since 2011, first as content director for African Utility Week and now editor of ESI Africa.

During her career, which started in the finance industry, she tracked the global trends, international stakeholders and Africa’s young leaders influencing a variety of market conditions such as Corporate Governance, Internet of Things and lean production principals.

In 2014, Nicolette initiated the women in energy feature in the ESI Africa journal, taking the lead as the first magazine to provide women in the industry with a unique platform for engagement. With her qualification in law, she brings her passion for sustainable business and placing African countries on the intentional stage to the ESI Africa editorial mix. She has chaired a number of conference sessions and moderated numerous webinars on energy and power topics.