Nyamezela are expert partners for the full Utility CEO Forum series that comprises five year-around, by-invitation only, confidential meetings between African Utility and IPP CEOs from all over Africa and various expert and developmental partners.

In July the Utility CEO Forum: Central Africa, took place, in August, the Southern Africa edition and in September, Utility CEO Forum: East Africa was hosted – all successfully engaging parties online.

Mrs. Matsotso Vuso, MD of Nyamezela shares some insights:

What is your main message to the CEOs at these CEO Forums?

Utilities need to venture into smart collaboration during these critical times of the COVID-19 pandemic, i.e;

  • Financial funding – establish partnerships with various financial institutions.
  • Technical – to be in line with new technical innovation (iot) and partnerships with suppliers of technical spares for the utility and to be sourced on time.
  • Key customers etc. of utilities should have a common maintenance plan for the grid to avoid technical problems.
  • Skills development – current employees need to be multiskilled and must be able to adapt to any challenges faced within the utility.

What in particular is your advice to utility CEOs to future proof the financial health of their utility?

Smart prepaid metering solutions and innovative tariff structures are key to the financial wellbeing of utilities. The roll-out of these will see utilities securing revenue, especially during these times.

What has made you feel proud to be part of the energy sector in the last few weeks?

To be part of one of the companies that provide innovative ways of smart metering solutions and services to the utilities.

The utilities are open to new solutions to solve the current challenges to ensure the sustainability for their sustainability of the operations.

Anything you would like to add?

User specifications need to outline fully the challenges that are experienced by utilities so that solutions sourced will address those challenges. There is a wide range of solutions available from metering providers and what is key for utilities is to opt for the right solution and fully utilize all the available functions.

This is important to the financial viability of utilities and will result in more robust innovative solutions being sourced. Utilities do not engage with meter manufacturers and vice versa as to which meters can be utilized by the relevant customers, when utilities draft meter specifications sometimes the meter specified are more expensive and unnecessary for that certain clientele. This could have been mitigated if utilities could consult meter manufacturers as to which meters are suitable, robust and applicable to clients. This will save the utility from spending unnecessary money.

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