The transformation of the energy business provides multiple opportunities for energy utilities to work towards a sustainable future. While digitalisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation revolutionise the way we interact with energy, they also increase complexity in the utilities’ operating environment.

This article first appeared in The African Power & Energy Elites, 2019. You can read the magazine’s articles here or subscribe here to receive a print copy.

The energy revolution underway has increased the growth pace of the global Smart Grid as a Service (SGaaS) market as more utilities are turning to service-based delivery of smart grid operations. Multiple challenges, such as regulatory pressures, rising consumer expectations and increasing complexity of smart grid infrastructure, are driving distribution system operators to embrace Managed Services as an opportunity to optimise their physical assets and business processes through one centralised management system.

The Managed Services delivery model helps utilities adopt industry’s fast-paced changes. This model reduces technology risks, minimises costs and makes the overall business processes more flexible as utilities outsource their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) operations and related consulting services to specialist suppliers, or Managed Services Providers (MSPs). Digitalisation, paired with innovative alternatives to produce and consume energy, brings new challenges that transform how we interact with energy. Therefore, acquiring experienced partners to implement this model to address and resolve these business challenges should be at the forefront of all decision making.

Utilities are under pressure not only to ensure reliable delivery of their daily grid operations but also to develop innovative end-user services and accelerate their time-to-market. The adoption of this model is heavily driven by competition, as new market entrants penetrate this diverse energy eco-system. Thus, by entrusting part or full operation of their system infrastructure to a specialised MSP, utilities can do more with less and provide an efficient service while keeping costs down and developing new revenue streams.

Landis+Gyr offers energy distributors and retailers a broad range of customised managed services, enabling customers to partially or completely outsource their operations, from basic vending services to complex Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementations, including comprehensive training, installation, system design and support. The solutions are sustained through post implementation support related to software assurance, cloud services and back-office engineering support.


Switching to a Managed Services model can be intimidating for utility companies that are more accustomed to buying individual solution components and managing all their processes in-house. However, with a global shift toward digitalisation, decarbonisation and the multitude of data and routes to effectively adapting to these changes, Managed Services have opened doors to new customers and new possibilities for existing customers.

With the ever-increasing complexity of the technological environment and rapidly changing market landscape, outsourcing hardware, software or services competencies to a professional MSP can bring major gains.

Purchasing managed services from a trusted partner, rather than investing in physical assets and skills development, enables organisations to better tackle risk, cash flow and growth. It will also be beneficial f or vendors as the service model provides long-term relationships and recurring revenue.

As a leading global provider of smart metering solutions, helping utilities, municipalities, sub-letting communities and vending agents to install state-of-the-art equipment and software solutions, Landis+Gyr has complemented its offering with a full suite of Managed Services. The most recent contract was signed with the Witzenberg Municipality located in South Africa’s Western Cape province, for remote metering over the next three-year period.

Landis+Gyr caters for the needs of all customers, no matter their size, customising solutions suited to their needs. By focusing on what you do best and leaving the rest to a trusted partner, you can be sure that your operations adhere to the latest standards as well as keeping you abreast of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Being an experienced and trusted provider of comprehensive energy management solutions for decades makes Landis+Gyr the ideal partner to provide a complete managed service.

About the company

Landis+Gyr South Africa is an electronic meter manufacturing company that offers a complete range of metering solutions, from prepayment, smart and credit metering to meter test equipment and system solutions. It is a Level 1 BBBEE company that is strongly committed to black economic empowerment, local manufacturing, support of local BEE suppliers and skills development for our South African people.

Landis+Gyr meters are locally manufactured at the Midrand facility and supplied to the South African market as well as across most of the African continent and beyond.

This article first appeared in The African Power & Energy Elites, 2019. You can read the magazine’s articles here or subscribe here to receive a print copy.