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In South Africa, grid power availability has been a fairly unstable reality, particularly toward the end of 2019, with rolling outages due to ageing infrastructure – negatively impacting businesses and interrupting households. Bloomberg has estimated that the rolling blackouts are costing the South African economy between ZAR1 billion to ZAR5 billion every day that loadshedding is being implemented. So to say the need for alternative power is urgent is an understatement.

The most widely known and used alternative power option for many homes and businesses has been loud, dirty diesel generators. However, this is often unpleasant, noisy, and intrusive to the customer experience, especially in restaurants and other customer-facing businesses. Sustainable Power Generation, a Cape Town-based company, provides energy solutions housed in containerised systems, which are showing their mettle in these challenging times. Over the last few years, SustainPower has actively made innovative contributions into natural gas and biogas power generation.

The business portfolio has evolved to include large-scale industrial and commercial gas-to-power installations, including gas standby power solutions for homes and businesses who are feeling the impact of loadshedding. Generators are often required to run for hours, days or even weeks at a time. Continuous use can cause a lot of strain on engines not specifically engineered to withstand extended run times.

Thanks to its partnership with PRAMAC, a world-leading Italian- American company established in 1966 that is today part of GENERAC, manufacturers of a wide range of power generated equipment, SustainPower has brought silent, clean, gas standby generators to South Africa, that are quietly getting the job done, without the splutter and bother of its diesel or petrol counterparts.


• Clean and quiet standby power
• Connects to the existing gas source being used for cooking, heating, etc.
• The mobile phone app allows you to track run-time and maintenance intervals with ease
• True Power™ Technology delivers best-in-class power quality
• The Generac G-Force Engines are purpose-built, pressure-lubricated engines capable of handling the rigours of generator use, resulting in power that’s more reliable and requires less routine maintenance than any other competitive engine
• Automatic backup power means your home and business are always protected – even when you’re away • Options come in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or natural gas. The direct connection means never dealing with carrying diesel or petrol cans again
• 5-Year Limited Warranty for automatic standby generators

The LPG option has clear advantages for homes and small to medium businesses who are impacted by loadshedding due to its cleanliness, its simplicity and low maintenance, and the fact that many homes and restaurants will have the LPG installation already in place. Residential and commercial areas with natural gas supply enjoy a greater benefit, as natural gas prices are significantly lower than any of the other fuel options.

Ames Martin, SustainPower’s COO, explains: “Better than diesel, and not just for commercial use, Pramac generators offer a clean and quiet alternative to the traditional diesel and petrol generators normally found. The best part is that they connect directly to the gas supply that a home or restaurant is likely already using for cooking, heating, etc. Adding a small, quiet gas generator is a simple process. The SustainPower standby product line starts at 8kVA and goes to 500kVA. The home and business generators use small, air-cooled engines made in the USA by Generac, so the maintenance is minimal, and much cleaner than a liquid-cooled diesel engine.”

SustainPower succeeds at bringing clean, sustainable power to areas where grid electricity is not always available. They provide turnkey solutions for sustainable power generation, including neighbouring technologies such as gas treatment, power plant and biogas plant management systems. | Email: | Telephone: +27 21 204 1881