Showcasing visionary leaders and visionary projects in 2021

After nearly 10 months in production, based on nominations from the industry, this annual journal celebrates those who are driving the modern Africa energy sector forward.

This year we have a number of inspiring leader and projects on show, projects driven by visionary innovators.

One, in particular, is John Magiro, a young Kenyan entrepreneur who built a micro-hydropower plant in the Gondo river, using items including a dynamo and bicycle wheel rim.

He has developed this startup into a growing business which is now electrifying 680 households and small businesses within its 30km mini-grid (p. 76). The benefits of solar and the effectiveness of minigrids continue to shine bright on our continent.

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Readers are given a glimpse into the personal leadership styles of influencers at the forefront of innovation and transition in the power and energy sector.

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The African Power & Energy Elites editor, Ashley Theron-Ord, commented: “Resilient is a perfectly apt way to describe the attitude of Africa’s visionary leaders and visionary project teams, not only over the past year’s unforeseen challenges, but also how the continent has endured many hardships, always seeking out the opportunities that lie beneath the struggles. Regardless of there being a global pandemic or natural disaster – the obstacles and hurdles that the sector faces in Africa are real and in
many instances, unique.”

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Nominations for 2022 are now open!

Nominations are open to all projects and leaders in the African power and energy value chain at both regional and global levels in a number of categories.

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