Webinar recording: Solar-powered Water Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture in SSA

Guest experts will spotlight how SSA countries can simultaneously work towards agricultural development, gainful employment, rural poverty reduction and the sustainable management of natural resources, especially water.

Small hydro electrifies rural Kenya

Magiro Power is a small hydropower company located in Muranga County just to the north of the capital Nairobi in central Kenya.
Mokoloki solar grid in rural Nigeria

Connecting rural Nigeria

A mini-grid project comprising 100kW solar PV, 192kWh battery energy storage and 88kW diesel backup provides energy to rural Nigeria community, Mokoloki.
Sierra Leone solar installation.

Connecting Sierra Leone through solar mini-grids

The Government of Sierra Leone developed a strategy for the participation of the private sector in the deployment of solar mini-grid systems.
Exclusive interview: Adedoyin Adele-Fadipe

Exclusive interview: Adedoyin Adele-Fadipe

Adedoyin Adele-Fadipe’s core focus is on bankable end-user supply strategy and renewable energy.
Exclusive Interview: Professor Da Silva

Exclusive Interview: Professor Izael Da Silva

Professor Da Silva is a renewable energy specialist with over 20 years of experience in research and academic leadership.
Exclusive interview: Karen de Bruyn

Exclusive interview: Karen de Bruyn

Karen de Bruyn leads the dynamic G7 Renewable Energies project development team managing over 2GW of highly competitive renewable energy projects.
Exclusive interview: Salma Okonkwo

Exclusive interview: Salma Okonkwo

Salma Okonkwo is a senior business executive with over twenty years of experience in Africa’s energy sector.

Exclusive interview: Tony Carr

Tony Carr has extensive experience in developing operational businesses in emerging markets. He currently serves as the CEO of Starsight Energy.

Exclusive interview: Wangari Muchiri

Wangari Muchiri is a programme development manager at Hivos East Africa, she focuses on renewable energy innovation.