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A trending phenomenon that came out of 2019 is that solar panel manufacturers focused on increasing the energy density, the efficiency rating, of PV modules.

These efforts have driven investments on commercial and utility-scale solar power plants as never before. Having looked through the latest news from the solar industry, the most efficient solar panels from JinkoSolar is the Tiger 465 series.

Efficiency, performance and affordability play a key role in deciding whether a specific solar panel is the right choice for your installation. The fact is if you require superior performance it’s going to cost more.

Tiger Module: Addresses two challenges

However, the latest version of Tiger 465 provides high power of up to 465Wp but does not cost much more than any other commercially available panels.

No doubt it is one of the most efficient performing solar panels against a competitive price in 2020.

In addition, the temperature co-efficiency of the Tiger module series ensures delivery of more energy over a 25-year lifespan. This output of the Tiger modules, compared to other highly efficient technologies offered by other brands, is significantly attractive with its appealing price.

This combination of power output and affordability mean that customers don’t have the dilemma of choosing between performance and budget. Also, considering the increasing balance of system (BOS) and maintenance cost of the system, the energy yields, and the savings per year, high-efficiency values are better paid off.

With successful business subsidiaries in 36 countries, JinkoSolar has been the world’s largest solar module producer for the fourth consecutive year with cumulated 55GW panels delivered and deployed in over 140 countries by the end of 2019.

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