2019 – African Power & Energy Elites

African Power & Energy Elites 2019

We are excited to announce the launch of the fifth edition of the African Power & Energy Elites: Projects & People 2019. After months in production, it is our pleasure (OR we are proud) to share the featured leaders and projects that were nominated by you as exemplary in their respective fields.

African Power, Energy & Water Industry Awards and African Power &...

Two leading programmes celebrating excellence and innovation in the African power and energy sector, have joined forces to honour the continent’s leading energy projects and pioneers.

Fintech solutions disrupt existing architecture

INNOVATION IS MAKING CLEAN ENERGY ACCESS ACCESSIBLE The World Bank estimates that if Africa is to achieve the SDG7...

Transforming lives with solar tv

In sub-Saharan Africa, small solar home systems have brought electricity to millions of off-grid consumers, which has enabled community upliftment through education,...

Weigh up your options

In South Africa a number of technical methods are being tested or employed by Aberdare Cables in an attempt to deter cable thieves; these could be deployed in other regions.

Switchgear sees new dawn

ACTOM MV Switchgear, has developed a new circuit breaker mechanism for its SBV4E switchgear that has been optimised in order to reduce the number of parts, production costs and the overall mechanism complexity.

The age of renewable energy

The electricity industry is operating in a changing world where renewable energy sources are becoming an increasing part of the energy generation mix.

Scaling projects to suit end-users

Rural end-users find haven in mini-grid In Nigeria, an estimated 80 million people do not have access to modern...

African Power & Energy Elites Personality: Damilola Ogunbiyi

Managing Director | Rural Electrification Agency This article first appeared in The African Power & Energy Elites, 2019. You...

Using the best in industry practice

Utilities around the world are faced with extensive challenges in maintaining profitability and sustainability

East Africa climbs the energy ladder

A Swedish-headquartered social enterprise is empowering rural communities in East Africa through affordable, clean and energy efficient modes of generating power for...