South Africa

Facilitating green home ownership

The Absa Eco Home Loan, launched in partnership with Balwin Properties, makes buying and owning a green home possible for South Africans.
DHYBRID and Blockpower helped Cheetah Plain Lodge in South Africa to get off the grid.

Harnessing the sun and safari experience

Thanks to cooperation with DHYBRID and Blockpower, Cheetah Plains Lodge is now producing 100% green energy from the sun, generated with solar panels and stored in the batteries
Exclusive interview: Karen de Bruyn

Exclusive interview: Karen de Bruyn

Karen de Bruyn leads the dynamic G7 Renewable Energies project development team managing over 2GW of highly competitive renewable energy projects.

CSP continues to be a shining star

RENEWABLE ENERGY GENERATION OPTIMISATION AND INNOVATION In recent years, South Africa has taken tentative steps toward diversifying its...

Distributed Energy achieves positive result

RENEWABLE ENERGY GENERATION OPTIMISATION AND INNOVATION The energy landscape globally is changing fundamentally. The ongoing concerns about climate...

Fruit farm praises microgrid system

RENEWABLE ENERGY GENERATION OPTIMISATION AND INNOVATION One of the oldest family businesses in South Africa has been inspired...

Webinar recording: What is South Africa’s position in the electric vehicle...

Download this recording to gain more insights into South Africa’s current electric vehicle status and what the future holds for this market.

Webinar recording: Power Strategy: Energy mix and operating models

SA's power strategy of managing large-scale assets, centralised generation, and monopoly distribution is shifting. Listen to the webinar recording.

40 years of local innovation

As a truly South African company, Allbro has been at the forefront of addressing some of the unique challenges associated with local electrification.

WEBINAR RECORDING | South Africa IRP2018 litmus test

ACCESS THE RECORDING TODAY The South African government’s draft IRP2018 (Integrated Resource Plan), constituting the country’s new electricity roadmap to 2030, has been released for...