ESI Africa recently hosted a webinar focused on planning and executing power project procurement plans. Our trio of expert speakers answered various questions pertaining to the procurement process with real-life insight and best practice shared.

To understand the perception within the market regarding procurement, the webinar attendees where asked if Africa is ready for competitive procurement and these were the results.

Survey results: ESI Africa

With the majority of the opinion that Africa is ready for this procurement approach, the Director of Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, Jay Govender, highlighted that the procurement option chosen is very much driven by what the objectives are behind that procurement process.

She added that there is some confusion around the competitive process vs unsolicited procurement, which is why the Understanding Power Project Procurement’ handbook approaches this with two category options – competitive vs direct negotiations.

Download the ‘Understanding Power Project Procurement’ handbook here to learn more.

Govender stressed that there is no one solution that would fit a particular jurisdiction. One has to look at the objectives to determine what will be the optimal procurement process in this situation.

To listen to the full webinar discussion and learn what Lena Mangondo and Mohamed Badissy had to say on the topic, you can access the recording here.