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The renewable energy market, primed with unique on- and off-grid solutions, is uniquely positioned for innovation in the form of FinTech digital finance, e-payments, and e-commerce.

Africa’s enthusiastic embrace of transacting via mobile money, as witnessed with the advent of platforms such as e-wallet, is indicative of a continent ripe for electronic investment and funding solutions for infrastructure development. Through this diversification of finance, the renewables market can support the growth of electrification, distributed energy, mini-grid development, and reduced carbon emissions, along with grid-tied renewable projects.

Already the market has seen the advancement of a variety of FinTech solutions diversifying access to finance such as solar pay-as-you-go customer packages, crowd funding for renewable projects of varying sizes, and Bitcoin ventures to stimulate the distributed energy resources market – which will in turn drive community energy marketplace

In this webinar, our expert speaker takes you on a journey to understand the opportunities that lay ahead for FinTech in the renewable energy landscape.

This webinar unpacks

  • The current global status of FinTech in the energy market
  • The African-focussed FinTech solutions driving renewable energy market growth
    • Blockchain
    • Crowd Funding
    • Cryptocurrency
  • Is regulation assisting or impeding FinTech in the renewable energy landscape?
  • The ability for FinTech to bring renewable energy projects to financial close


Abe Cambridge | Founder and CEO | The Sun Exchange