Transmission and Distribution

This category identifies projects that have provided transmission and distribution rollouts locally, nationally or regionally. These projects can include LV, MV and HV new build programmes, maintenance projects, service delivery initiatives, revenue protection measures, technical and non-technical loss reduction, grid integration and initiatives to increase network stability. Projects that prepare the network for the next-generation architecture and modernisation of the grid.

Weigh up your options

In South Africa a number of technical methods are being tested or employed by Aberdare Cables in an attempt to deter cable thieves; these could be deployed in other regions.

Switchgear sees new dawn

ACTOM MV Switchgear, has developed a new circuit breaker mechanism for its SBV4E switchgear that has been optimised in order to reduce the number of parts, production costs and the overall mechanism complexity.

Eskom Recloser Supply Contract Awarded to Australian and South African Partnership

After extensive technical evaluation and factory audits, Eskom has awarded supply of 22kV and 33kV Reclosers to Australian switchgear engineering firm NOJA Power and their South African Distributor, RWW Engineering.

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LISTEN TODAY Does the last mile matter? The low voltage network, often referred to as the ‘last...

40 years of local innovation

As a truly South African company, Allbro has been at the forefront of addressing some of the unique challenges associated with local electrification.

Establishing a reliable electricity highway

Evacuating thermal power through interconnectivity In East Africa, interconnecting the regional electricity networks is the best alternative to transfer otherwise expensive thermal...

Interconnection blueprint

ECOWAS is on track to bolster interconnection efforts through the Master Plan for the Development of Regional Power Generation and Transmission Infrastructure 2019 – 2033.
non-technical losses

Empowering Nigeria with Reliable Electricity

A Network Performance Evaluation review after Ikeja Electric deploys NOJA Power OSM Reclosers 

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