Dr. Sanusi oversees the mobilization and operationalization of Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Fund to provide, promote and support access to reliable electric power supply for rural dwellers in Nigeria, through Public-Private Partnerships investment in rural electrification.

Dr. Ohiare and his colleagues at the REA Board are cur overseeing  the 550 million dollar World Bank and AfDB funded Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) . He also directly championed the first ever REF grant call, managing the disbursements of $6.2 million for 12 Mini-Grids, impacting 5,500 households and deploying 19,130 Solar Home Systems. He is currently administering the 9.3 million Euros Mini-Grid Acceleration Scheme (MAS) and Interconnected-Mini-Grid Acceleration Scheme (I-MAS) funded by the EU, the German government and the Nigerian Government to provide energy access to over 32,000 Nigerians, as well as the second REF call. Dr. Sanusi has contributed a lot to developing policies and regulations within the power sector and renewable energy sector. At the moment, he’s part of a team reviewing the 2004 Electric Power Sector Reform Act of Nigeria, towards repositioning the sector in a post-privatization era.