Webinar recording: Solar-powered Water Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture in SSA

Guest experts will spotlight how SSA countries can simultaneously work towards agricultural development, gainful employment, rural poverty reduction and the sustainable management of natural resources, especially water.

African Power, Energy & Water Industry: Awarding excellence

The 2020 virtual award ceremony celebrated winners of the African Power, Energy & Water Industry Awards in digital-style.

Digital Energy Festival on ‘staggering’ hydropower potential

Hydropower plays a key role in all of the African Development Bank's High 5 priority areas that...

The (digital) show will go on!

The 20th edition of African Utility Week (AUW) and POWERGEN Africa may now be postponed in person, but is still scheduled to take place from 24-26 November this year as the organisers have promised attendees and partners an inspired and inspiring online platform with world-class speakers, live discussions and virtual networking and product showcases.

African Utility Week & POWERGEN Africa wins AAXO ROAR Awards again!

African Utility Week & POWERGEN Africa, the leading energy event on the continent for the last 20 years, has clinched once again...

Webinar recording: Can hydro power mines?

Webinar: Listen to the discussion today. Our guest speakers unpack how Africa's hydro resources can be used as a viable option to support mining operations’ energy needs.

ON DEMAND | Living with #DayZero

LIVING WITH DAY ZERO  Operating a business without water is an unfathomable thought; however, a very real reality for the industries, agribusiness and commercial operations...