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The utility industry has been tested in unprecedented ways by COVID-19.

Utilities in the power and energy sector have had to rapidly implement coping mechanisms and strategies to protect staff, customers and their bottom line. But that adaptation has not been without its challenges, financial, operational and social.

Access this live virtual series where we bring you the best insights from key utilities around the world who have dealt with or are dealing with the challenge of keeping services operational in an age of social distancing and isolation.

Some of the questions we ask and answer include:

  • What coping mechanisms have utilities implemented to ensure that the needs of employees and customers remain served?
  • What financial implications does this pandemic have on projects mid-construction?
  • How have supplier issues impacted the utility business and what mitigation have organisations put in place?
  • What has the impact of a shift from commercial and industrial load to largely domestic load had on business?
  • How has technology enabled you to continue operations and ensure reliability of service?

You can access the recorded discussions below:

View recorded discussion: Asia-Pacific insights

View recorded discussion: European insights

View recorded discussion: USA insights

View recorded discussion: Africa insights