The market of Commercial & Industrial segment has started maturing in Sub-Saharan Africa in the last few years. The dominant business model up till now is direct purchase, however, some companies are also offering financing options including PPA and rental & leasing.

Renewable energy projects in general require substantial capital investments, and depend on predictable, long-term cash flows in order to provide investor returns that can attract that capital, operators and investors should understand the risks and how to mitigate them.

Access this interactive discussion which addresses the risks in renewable energy projects and to which party can they be assigned; how risks can be managed, at what cost; which risks can be eliminated in order to make solar PV C&I investments viable in the long run.

What this session looks at:
• Overview of the C& I market in Sub-Saharan Africa.
• Introducing latest Jinko’s innovation and potential impact on C&I in projects SSA.
• Consideration for component reliability in solar PV plants.
• How to manage long-term project risks to ensure minimal deviation from expected returns.
• Key considerations for investing in solar PV projects in Africa.
• Hindrances to achieving short payback periods in solar PV projects.
• Fuse Free Design, Low maintenance product and Low Failure higher availability.
• IV Curve & Fusion solar monitoring & AFCI for mitigating fire risk to ensure safety of the PV plant.

Titus Koech, Technical Services Manager | Middle East & Africa
Rizwan Razaq, CTO, Huawei Solar | Middle East & Africa
Andrew Ross-Innes, Commercial manager SSA, Berkeley Energy