Speeding up wind energy growth, a dynamic outlook

To date, the global wind industry has realised a total of 51.3GW of new wind energy installations, enabled by market-based mechanisms including auctions, tenders and Green Certificates.

To add to this capacity, the African wind market is anticipated to inject 6GW of additional wind capacity between 2019 and 2023.

Access this webcast, which unpacks:

  • How to increase wind capacity on the grid
  • Best legal scenario to secure project development
  • Technical challenges around offshore and onshore wind developments
  • The socio-economic and environmental benefits
  • Lessons learnt and the way forward


Jonathan Visser, Project Manager & Director of Integrated Wind Power, South Africa

Andrea Isidori, Energy Advisor at the Danish Energy Agency, Denmark

Peter Venn, Managing Director – Windlab, Africa