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What is the place of traditional generation in the energy transition – clean coal technologies, the move to gas
23 February 2021 | Time TBC

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Digitisation the future of the network

Microgrids: The Future of Energy in Healthcare

Discover how the Panorama Suite platform supports Southern-Africa Digital Transformation

Water: Public-Private Partnerships as an alternative procurement methodology

G3-PLC Hosted Digital Dialogue: Experience and developments of G3-PLC technology for smart grid in Africa

Smart Energy: Reimagining your digital utility

Iris Automation Fireside Chat

Norwegian Refugee Council (NORCAP) Hosted Digital Dialogue

Initiate: How do you kick start your career in the African power and energy industry?

ESI Africa GenderLens with Yolanda Mabuto

Master class: Biomass opportunities in South Africa

Energy Revolution Africa: Building resilient incomes to ensure sustainable business models

Smart Prepaid Metering Solution – Improve Energy Management

POWERGEN Africa: Small scale hydro opportunities in East Africa

Localising power infrastructure projects within South Africa’s IRP 2019

Fireside Chat with Lucy Electric regarding the shift to digital

Opening Keynote Address: Africa’s transitioning energy sector

ESI Africa GenderLens with Karen de Bruyn

ESI Africa GenderLens with Naniki Nzuza

Women in Leadership: Taking your career in energy to the next level

ESI Africa GenderLens with Nomalungelo Mbewu

Trends and benefits of next generation high powered PV solar panels

ESI Africa & SANEA: Let’s make haste on South Africa’s IRP

WATCH AGAIN ESI Africa & NIASA: Unpacking South Africa’s 2,500MW “no regret” Nuclear Decision

Energy Catalyst Fireside Chat with Nicola Lazenby

ESI Africa: Fireside chat with Nicola Lazenby

ESI Africa & SAIPPA Digital Dialogue: Balancing act: Negotiating tenable PPAs for IPPs and private buyers

Fireside chat with Carlton Cummins

ESI Africa & NIASA Digital Dialogue: Localisation and job creation

ESI Africa & AMDA Digital Dialogue: The African mini-grid market: Progress and obstacles

ESI Africa: Fireside Chat with Kristina Skierka

ESI Africa & NIASA Digital Dialogue: Big Block nuclear power plant vs small modular reactors SMR

ESI Africa and SAIPPA Digital Dialogue: A guide to wheeling frameworks as a realistic energy solution

Roundtable: Private sector participation in Rwanda’s Vision 2050 

African market hot spots for Oil & Gas

Roundtable: Renewable energy projects in Nigeria

Conlog: Special Virtual Product Launch

African Women in Energy Webinar Series – Financing for women owned businesses

Unpacking South Africa’s multi-purpose reactor (MPR) Ambition

Managed services and metering insights to ensure maximum financial health for utilities in East Africa

Unpacking South Africa’s 2,500 MW “no regret” Nuclear Decision

African Women in Energy Webinar Series: Episode 1: Social enterprise opportunities in the energy transition

Gauging the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement market

The corporate sector is the most important actor in advancing energy efficiency, decarbonisation, clean electricity, heat and mobility

How to integrate renewable energy into existing thermal energy grids

Managing Investment risk for Commercial & Industrial projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Power projects in Africa: How insurance can help mitigate investment risk

Decarbonisation: Making a net zero economy possible

Counting on copper: Renewable energy and EV boom drive demand

Investing in a Green Economic Recovery: Insights from GreenCape’s 2020 Market intelligence Reports

Focused conversation on the developmental impacts of REIPPPP

Energy Exemplar: Integrated Resource Planning for a Sustainable and Cleaner Africa Energy Future

Designing Booms and Structures in Forebays of Dams – What You Really Need to Know

Key considerations in smart grid and metering communication 

Solutions for City and Municipal revenue management

Impact of COVID-19 on Africa’s water sector

Best practices for utilities’ financial health worldwide: How to better plan for the unexpected

Energy access matters

Investment opportunities for South African SMMEs working in the green economy

The energy transition for Africa in a post COVID-19 world

Maintenance: key to keeping the lights on

Adopting new behaviours to influence emissions across Africa

KEYNOTE: Exploring private sector participation in the African power sector

Hybrid power: Improving constraints in the mining sector

JinkoSolar:Opportunities for solar-hybrid plants in sub-Saharan Africa

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – AFRICA

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – USA

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – EUROPE

COVID-19: Utility Crisis Management – ASIA

ESI Africa: ESI Africa: Smart Cities

ESI Africa: Open discussion: The status of Africa’s power generation

ESI Africa: Plugging the problem: Addressing some misconceptions on EVs

ESI Africa & Conlog: Risks of the STS TID Rollover 

Smart Energy International & ESI Africa: Cybersecurity

ESI Africa: Women in Power


ESI Africa:Heightened interest in LNG stimulates Africa’s gas economy

Jinko Solar: How to maximise performance and shorten the payback period of your distributed generation Solar PV projects in sub-Saharan Africa

ESI Africa: What is South Africa’s position in the electric vehicle race?

ESI Africa: Financing onsite power for the C&I market

ESI Africa: Speeding up wind energy growth, a dynamic outlook

ESI Africa & Mining Review Africa: Gridlocked: How can mining companies reduce their reliance on grid power?

ESI Africa: Power strategy: Energy mix and operating models

ESI Africa & Mining Review Africa: Battery Storage: Africa’s energy metals market and supply chain

ESI Africa & Mining Review Africa : Hydropower in the African Mining sector

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Lucy Electric: Low voltage network: Does the last mile matter?

ESI Africa & Mining Review Africa: Coal vs Renewables: The future of Africa’s energy mix

ESI Africa: South Africa IRP 2018 litmus test

Lucy Electric: The evolution of the electric grid

ESI Africa: Understanding Power Project Procurement

Lucy Electric: Lucy Electric discusses Smart Grid Solutions